Kneeler Program

Each year we take prayer Kneelers around the diocese to parishes which want to offer prayers for the men being ordained to the priesthood that year.

Embossed Journals with their names on the front are available at the Kneelers for the Faithful to write a note of love and best wishes to each soon-to-be priest.

The Kneelers are then given as a gift to the new priest at their Ordination with a plaque inside the book shelf saying “With our love and prayers for a joyful priesthood ~ Mary’s Sons”  with their Ordination date and new name.

Also with the Kneelers we give them a handmade Traveling Stole to use for hearing confessions and anointing the sick.

We hope to use this program to encourage parishioners to pray a Holy Hour for the men and to bring the youth closer in their own spiritual growth to the that of the seminarians in the hopes of increasing vocations.

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