The Sacred Heart and the Priesthood.

” The priest is Christ’s.  Christ can then dispose of him with the same power as the priest disposes of Jesus.  In order that there may be equality, the priest, in the hands of Christ, should be such as the white Host is in the hands of the priest.  Let us meditate on the divine profundity of this union of Christ with the priest and of the priest with Christ.  It is not like the union of the Word with the Humanity in Jesus, but it is, nevertheless, something very close and very intimate.
The priest belongs to souls!  He is their possession, as he is the possession of Christ.  He belongs to them;  he no longer belongs to himself, he can no longer live for himself.  He must be completely given, completely consecrated to souls.”  (page 160)

“Let us consider all the exquisite delicacy that should exist in the heart of the priest for the souls that have become his goods, his splendid possession in Christ;  and the respect and confidence that should exist in souls for the priest whom God has given to them to conduct them to Him.” (page 161)

” Like Mary, the priest, elevated to a very high degree by a grace of preference, nevertheless remains an inferior creature, in submission to the divine Master.  Like her, he touches on nothingness by his nature, and on intimacy with the divinity, by a privilege of love.  Like her, he should be more enlightened on the truth of his misery and wretchedness, and more influenced by divine radiations of Infinite Love.  Like her, he receives from the Omnipotence of the Holy Ghost the power to produce the Word Incarnate in the world:  the Mother produces Him in the truth of His visible flesh;  the priest in the truth of His Eucharistic Flesh.” ( page 163)

Mother Louise Margaret Claret De La Touché, The Sacred Heart and the Priesthood