The Way

” To love God and not venerate his Priests….is not possible.”

” If you have not the highest reverence for the priesthood and the religious state, it is not true that you love God’s Church.”

” Though you well know it, I shall remind you again that a Priest is ‘another Christ’.  And that the Holy Spirit has said:  ‘Nolite tangere Christos meos—do not touch my Christs’. ”

” Presbyter—Priest—means, literally, an elderly man.  If old age deserves veneration, think how much more you ought to venerate the Priesthood.”

” A Priest—whoever he may be—is always another Christ.”

” Don’t place a Priest in peril of losing his dignity.  It is a virtue which, without being pompous, he simply must have.
How that young cleric — a friend of ours— prayed for it:  ‘ Lord, grant me–eighty years of dignity!
Pray for it for the whole Priesthood, and you will have done a good thing. ”

” Like the good sons of Noah, throw the mantle of charity over the defects you see in your father, the Priest. ”

St. Josemaria Escriva, The Way